Hotels, Campsites, Bed and Breakfast, Holiday cottage, Lodging

Easily offer premium service and increase your profitability

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The SumWhere digital concierge provides white a label support to your customers throughout their stay for a smooth, reassuring, personalized, rich and interactive experience. While saving you time, money and peace of mind.

Hotels, Campsites, Bed and Breakfast, Holiday cottage, Lodging

Easily offer premium service and increase your profitability

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Personnel d'un hôtel prêt à ouvrir la porte

Easily provide a premium and personalized service

Offer an elegant digital concierge with your colors, easily accessible via the internet, without downloading.

Design an attractive tool without any technical skills thanks to different types of modules to be integrated according to your needs: text and photos, map, weather forecast, document, etc. You have complete control over the architecture of the tool.

Personalize stays with thematic maps adapted to your different types of clients (family, with a dog, etc.) and to different needs (jogging, restaurants open late, etc.), so that each customer feels taken into consideration.

Offer a 5* stay with a personal digital concierge created in a few minutes starting from the main digital concierge.

Take advantage of pre-existing content, including thematic maps created by SumWhere and the local tourist office. If it is not yet a SumWhere partner, please do not hesitate to contact it/us.

Distribute the tool very simply via the confirmation email or a QR code placed at the reception desk or in the rooms. Or place a touchscreen in the lobby.

Personne regardant sa montre

Save time

Give direct access to useful information (wifi code, timetables, instructions for use, weather forecast, etc.) at any time of the day and night, in the form of texts, photos, documents or videos.

Set up a smooth arrival with a GPS link to come to your place, a digital inventory, preliminary indications, etc.

Display your recommendations for tourist places and routes in thematic maps that are easy to build and practical to use: geolocation, itinerary to the spots, interactive information. Pinpoints can display description, photos, videos, and can be filtered by characteristics.

Also give access to practical places, in particular to implement a responsible approach: WC, charging stations, garbage cans, etc.

Record once for all your advice in the form of videos to settle in, go fishing, etc.

Empilement de pièces et de billets

Earn money

Highlight your services in a tool that is consulted on-site, possibly with reservation or purchase links.

Communicate on your business’ agenda, easily updating your content from an intuitive control panel.

Highlight your partners in a map with attractive presentations and directions to get there.

Encourage customers to come back to your establishment by showing the treasures of your territory through multiple maps. Create this content along with your available time, your knowledge of the territory and customer feedback.

Enfant sautant en l'air

Gain in serenity

Provide direct access to all useful phone numbers and all emergency locations for a reassuring stay.

If you wish, create a private exchange channel so as not to let frustrations set in and lead to negative reviews on the platforms. Messages arrive directly to your mailbox.

If you wish, collect quantified reviews on characteristics to be defined by you, to test a service or to better understand what needs to be improved.

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