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Bring your world to life

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The SumWhere digital tools go with your audiences and communities in the real world, as a supplement to your website and social networks. Show them the richness of your world, and bring it to life with augmented experiences.

Company, Label, Association

Bring your world to life

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Guide your audiences and communities in your world

Create thematic maps on all the components of your world: emblematic places, points of sale, places of consumption, achievements, suppliers, partners, communities, etc.

Display maps on your website.

Display maps on touchscreen terminals placed in your physical locations: points of sales, showrooms, events, etc.

Let your audiences explore independently thanks to a digital notebook displaying practical information, documents, maps, geolocation and itineraties.

Let partners use your maps in dedicated tools: digital stay concierge for institutions and digital concierge for accommodation.

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Involve your audiences and communities

Let your audiences comment and add photos on the places of certain maps to better understand their feelings and thus adapt your proposals.

Also let your audiences suggest places in certain maps to involve them and collect relevant information. You can of course set up a validation step to keep control.

Create a map where each pinpoint is defined by a member of the community, to federate an alumni network for example.

Create game maps where places are to be found with clues, to make people know your world better.

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Bring your world to life with augmented experiences

Set up experiences related to your world, such as events, exhibitions, visits, tastings, picnics, etc. SumWhere can help you in the design of these original experiences with its partner.

Easily create an experiential notebook for each experience in order to contextualize, inform, make the experience augmented with videos, sounds, testimonials, tutorials, etc., and extend it in time and space with maps.

Distribute the notebook in web format very simply through your physical or digital media.

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