Tourist offices, Tourist organizations, Cities

Guide in a personalized way towards all the facets of the territory and create links

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The SumWhere tools form a white label extension of your showcase website and of the discussions with stay advisors. They accompany visitors and locals on the territory, in specific places or during events for smooth, rich, reassuring and personalized experiences.
Your data can be used by the professionals of the territory in dedicated tools, while you can highlight their work and services.

Tourist offices, Tourist organizations, Cities

Guide in a personalized way towards all the facets of the territory and create links

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Poteau indicateur avec des directions nombreuses et colorées

Make experiences smooth and personalized

Create maps for all themes (heritage, cycling…) and all communities (handicap, nationality X…). Compartmentalized content makes it possible to clarify, simplify and personalize access to ever more dense information, and to easily feed tools with different purposes.

Use the content of database and Excel files and restructure it as needed, completing it by hand if necessary.

Greet visitors and locals with touchscreen terminals where recommendation maps evolve according to current events and allow very visual and personalized access to the territory.

Create personal stay concierge in 5 minutes, with useful maps (and even an individual map), documents and functional modules. The exploration is smooth and assured (geolocation, itineraries, etc.), the experience is rich and memorable.

Joli site naturel aperçu à travers un trou dans un mur

Highlight all facets of the territory

Easily create thematic maps on all your specific content (paper maps), your events or your exhibitions, to integrate into your tools or your website. Maps can tell stories, like the territory at the beginning of the 20th century, portraits, etc.

Highlight a theme, a place (cultural mediation), an exhibition or an event with a digital notebook in web format very easy to create and use. The experience is augmented and extended in time and space, thanks in particular to thematic maps.

Create experiences to boost places, and make them unforgettable with an experiential notebook. SumWhere can assist you in creating these experiences with its partner.

Professionnels qui se serrent la main

Unite the actors of the territory

Provide operational support to your partners with a digital concierge, between provision of content and management of the tool.

Provide qualified content to receptive operators for the conception of rich and practical travel books.

Thanks to the thematic maps, highlight in your tools local brands and labels and cultural and tourist associations, in a virtuous exchange of content for visibility.

Involve locals with maps displaying their favorite spots, testimonials or memories (content validated by the institution).

Données numériques formant un visage

Manage the future of the territory with certainty

Understand the interest of visitors and locals for the different community, event and geographic themes, associated with the tools made available.

Collect emails when stay concierge tools are created.

Aggregate quantified assessments on places for the maps in which you have authorized reviews.

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