Digital notebook

SumWhere has developed a one-of-a-kind tool to provide digital support to a theme, place, event or experience. Thanks to a modular and customizable framework, the implementation of content is at the same time extremely simple, fast and open. Regarding users they live a smooth, personalized and augmented experience.


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White label tool,
fully customizable

Web access without downloading,
via URL or QR code

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and offline mode

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An attractive and practical gateway to the experience

Create quickly and without any technical skill a digital support for your themes, tourist sites, events and experiences, from a template and functional modules: text/photos, videos, links, map, weather forecast, exchanges, review, etc.

Give clear access to your content with as many buttons (then sections) as you want.

Completely personalize the homepage: URL, word processor, colors, etc.

View live rendering of your notebook in an intuitive control panel.

Duplicate notebooks as needed to easily provide digital support for each of your themes or occasions.

Ecran avec des informations dans le carnet digital

A smooth, personalized and augmented experience

Provide the public on the move with all the useful content: context, general, practical and emergency information, recommendations, instructions, tutorials, services, agenda, etc. Make some people discover places that are inaccessible to them.

Engage the five senses and imagination with texts, images, videos, drone views, interviews, sounds, maps and other functional modules.

Personalize the experience with content and thematic maps adapted to each type of audience: children, disabled people, with a dog, etc.

Interact with the audience thanks to modules of exchange, review, questionnaire, etc.

Clearly organize your content into sections and subsections within each button.

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An experience that is only the beginning

Create maps to extend the experience in time and space, with places to explore your world, to discover the territory, to relax, to find products, etc.

Highlight places and routes with descriptions, photos and videos, and guide towards them with itineraries and geolocation. Use databases, Excel files, or fill in the maps by hand.

Use all or part of already created maps: tourist institutions, associations, etc., and SumWhere.

Let the public leave with a souvenir of the experience, and promote it to their relatives.


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Label “Vogue & Vague” en Pays de la Loire

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Circuits touristiques de Pornic

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