SumWhere was born during the round-the-world trip I did in 2010.
So many experiences, so many different moods, accompanied by different people, etc. and yet always the same paper guides. Some are for sure very well done, but how can they correspond to everyone, to all needs, to all situations? It would take 10,000 pages! So we follow each other in the same places, guide hand-held. Or we waste precious time browsing the net, looking for more detailed information.

The idea of ​​a guide that would adapt to all communities, all areas of interest, all personalities, made its way; and a few years later the platform SumWhere for general public was born. With thematic maps gathered in the same place so that everyone can easily find places and activities related to their current interest, their constraints, external conditions, etc.
At the beginning, we dreamed big, so the platform was initially also working to solve the problem of fake reviews, by limiting the scope of reviews written far from the assessed place. Even if this function still exists, it is no longer the heart of the project. Likewise, SumWhere is currently aimed mainly at professionals with dedicated tools, since by working with them we have understood that the platform can greatly help them regarding their audiences. Each of the tools was born out of a need, and was built in partnership with the concerned professionals. The communication towards general public will start again when it makes sense.

Beyond the tools, beyond even the initial idea, SumWhere is a militant objective: each person has the right to flourish as he is, whether he is a private individual or a professional. Considering that unique rankings imply notably standardization of the offer and therefore of behavior, biased competition and race for (fake) reviews.
When we speak about personal development it does not mean confinement in a type of behavior. The fact of gathering thematic maps in the same platform allows an easy circulation between them, and even a discovery of new worlds. It is a community approach, not a sectarian approach.

Frédéric Clabau, founder of SumWhere