Who are we? 

Portrait de Frédéric, CEO de SumWhere

Direction, Commercial and Contents

Frédéric created SumWhere after a world tour when he realized that his desires could change but not the paper guide he was using. Since then and after having observed the reality behind online reviews (fake reviews, possibility to buy better rankings, standardization…), he felt it was a duty to make that environment cleaner, as it is essential to our everyday life.

Portrait de Christine, responsable Marketing, Communication et Digital chez SumWhere

Marketing & Com, Digital, Commercial

Christine has an artist heart and has understood since long that each of us has things to express, and that trying to be all things to all people is vain. SumWhere has been an obvious choice, as its service gets the best out of people instead of fitting them in predefined categories.

Portrait d'Octavio, responsable data chez SumWhere


Octavio is passionate about travels and landscapes, whether from his home country, Mexico, or all other places he was lucky enough to visit. He could see how rich in knowledge and passion everyone can be.

Portrait d'Arnaud, développeur chez SumWhere


Arnaud is so passionate about diving the he considers terrestrial life as an interlude between two immersions. He knows how strong communities can be and can live things that go beyond their common activities.

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