Digital road book

SumWhere has developed a unique digital tool to support itinerant people on foot, by bike, by horse or otherwise. This is a real personal compass, with direct access to all useful information and to all points of view regarding the territories encountered on the way.

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Smartphone affichant un carnet de route

White label tool,
fully customizable

Web access without downloading,
via URL or QR code

Icon on smartphone
and offline mode

Ecran d'accueil du carnet de route

An attractive and practical tool

Easily create a digital tool suitable for touring from a template and functional modules: text/photos, videos, links, map, weather forecast, review, etc. View live rendering in an intuitive control panel.

Give clear access to your content with as many buttons (then sections) as you want. For example: Info, Services, Agenda, FAQ, Emergency Info, Explore, etc.

Completely personalize the homepage: URL, word processor, colors, etc.

Duplicate and adapt the road books to offer a tool that best fits the needs (walking or cycling for example).

Ecran avec des informations dans le carnet de route

A smooth, personalized and augmented experience

Give the itinerant people all the content useful to them: general, practical and emergency information, itinerary, recommendations, agenda, tutorials (to repair for example), etc. Arrange them clearly in sections and subsections inside each button.

Easily add all the content you have or imagine: descriptions with word processing, photos, videos, maps and other functional modules such as weather.

Provide ever more recommendations in a clear manner thanks to thematic maps: itinerary, practical places, tourism, agenda, business partners, etc.

Personalize the experience with these thematic maps, recommending places for different types of audiences: with a dog, vegan, English, etc.

Make people want to come back with maps of tourist institutions along the route and focus on themes according to your communication axis.

Ecran avec une carte dans le carnet de route

An interactive experience

Guide the user on the route with geolocation and itineraries to the places.

Make the exploration alive with a description, photos, videos and links for each place.

Let if you wish people post comments, photos and reviews on the places of certain maps. And have them evaluate the route itself on criteria to be defined.

If you wish, invite people to suggest places in certain maps. These locations may be subject to your validation to keep control.

Let future itinerant people compose their personal journey on your website with iframe maps.


Itinérance à Vélo le long de la Garonne

La Garonne à Vélo

Itinérance à Vélo le long de la Garonne
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