Digital stay concierge

Offer all your interested visitors a personal digital guide for a memorable stay. SumWhere allows you to create these tools as simply and quickly as the visitor’s stay will be smooth, personalized and augmented.

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Smartphone affichant un carnet digital

White label tool,
fully customizable

Web access without downloading,
via URL or QR code

Icon on smartphone
and offline mode

Ecran d'accueil du carnet digital

An attractive and powerful tool created in 3 minutes

Create easily and without any technical skill standard digital notebooks for your different types of audiences.

Adapt a template to your image by personalizing the home page and integrating functional modules: text/photos, videos, links, map, weather forecast, exchanges, review, etc. View live rendering in an intuitive control panel.

Give clear access to your content with as many buttons (then sections) as you want.

Create in parallel thematic recommendation maps, extremely practical to provide personalized information according to personality, accompanying persons, desires, weather, means of transport, available time, geographical area, etc.

Automatically integrate, if you have any, database content (such as Tourist Information Systems) to constitute these thematic maps. Thanks to automatic update, the contents of the notebooks are then always up to date.

Duplicate a standard notebook in 1 click to create a personal guide, with a personalized URL and even a personalized welcome message. The visitor simply receives the link by email or SMS.

Ecran avec une carte dans le carnet digital

A real compass of the territory

Provide each visitor all the maps useful for its stay, whether these are tourist, linked to a community (PMR, naturist, etc.) or practical.

Easily create a personal map if necessary with places duplicated from your maps. The very clear arrangement of places in thematic maps makes it possible to be efficient and instantly take into account the geographical aspect.

Easily communicate on activities thanks to one or more agenda maps, where the visitor only has to define their convenient date and to move the map to the convenient location. Maps fed by database are always up to date.

Guide visitors in a very practical way, with geolocation and itineraries to places.

Display both locations and routes for easy touring.

Let visitors add their memories to their personal map with texts and photos.

Ecran avec des informations dans le carnet digital

A smooth, rich and personalized stay

Give mobile visitors all the useful content: general information, news, recommendations, agenda, documents, weather forecast, etc.

Make the stay living with texts, images, videos, drone views, interviews, sounds, tutorials, etc.

Very simply add any additional information given orally in one or more blocks of text.

Provide very simply if you want the profile of the stay advisor who is editing the guide, potentially with contact details.

Collect emails and phone numbers when sending the digital notebook to visitors.


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