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Plusieurs cartes géographiques interactives sortant de l'écran d'un smartphone pour illustrer la multitude de cartes thématiques possibles de SumWhere


SumWhere gathers a multitude of thematic maps to discover places and activities linked to a territory or a universe in a personalized way. The right info for the right person at the right place and moment.

To foster discovery, the platform allows to jump in one click from one universe to the other, depending on context and mood.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, the creation of maps is easy, as well as adding places to collaborative maps and publishing comments in maps allowing it.

This platform is the base for our suite of tools aimed at professionals of territories, allowing them to offer a personalized discovery of their universes and to connect with one another.

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(and to consumers)

All our tools are white-label solutions. And because you don’t have time, they are easy to implement and configure.

Personne consultant les cartes interactives de SumWhere à la fois sur son ordinateur portable et sur son smartphone

For everyone

  • Find places and activities linked to your current center of interest
  • Add and comment places to lastingly enrich the universes of communities
  • Create your own private maps or maps shared with your communities
  • If you are a professional, exploring this website is a good way to discover the basic functioning of our thematic map platform
Discover our thematic maps
Personne consultant les cartes interactives de SumWhere sur une borne au sein d'un office de tourisme
  • Make easy and personalize the discovery of all the treasures on your territory, organized by themes
  • Create or allow visitors to create personal maps or destination guides before or during their stay
  • Involve all players of the territory (professionals and local people) by integrating their contents and allowing them to display yours
  • Gather quantified data about your visitors (centers of interest, feedback, emails)
conciergerie digitale pour destination et itinéraire de SumWhere, image de l"écran d'accueil sur mobile
  • Guide nomadic travelers in a practical way, putting all info at hand
  • Personalize the experience and, in addition to the central map, provide maps dedicated to any kind of public : thematic points of interest, dietary habits, events…
  • Involve all players by allowing them to relay and enrich contents : institutions, accommodations, companies, associations…
  • Gather up-to-date informations from nomadic travelers, as well as data about their centers of interest and experiences
Conciergerie digitale pour hébergements SumWhere - écran d'accueil affiché sur un smartphone
  • Ensure a seamless stay to your customers, putting all useful informations within easy reach
  • Guide across your area in a personalized manner, especially thanks to recommendation maps of other players of the territory
  • Gather reviews highlighting your strengths to stand out on what you do best
  • Build serene customer relationships while saving time
Carnet de voyage pour agences de voyages et voyagistes SumWhere - écran d'accueil affiché sur un smartphone
  • Make the travel both easy and rich with all infos at hand
  • Personalize the trip providing maps linked to different centers of interest, dietary habits…
  • Reassure by providing emergency contacts, the possibility to interact and realtime info updates (incl. vouchers)
  • Make the stay unforgettable by making it possible to save and share trip memories with loved ones from the tool
  • Gather valuable data about the travelers’ experiences
Ecran d'ordinateur affichant un site web où une carte SumWhere présentant plusieurs points d'intérêt sur un territoire est intégrée
  • Guide in a practical manner towards all places linked to your organization and give lively informations about those places
  • Federate those who like what you do and let them contribute in your maps (comments, new places)
  • Increase your visibility by allowing other players of the territory to use your maps (through all the tools presented on that page)
  • Gather valuable data about the users of your maps
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Marion Thomas, Directrice de l'office de Tourisme d'Ancenis

“This platform is very convenient! Cartography allows us to target specific requests like « walks with kids », « discover the territory on a rainy day » and answer travelers’ expectations. The platform is an easy tool to use by destination advisors or by visitors themselves in total autonomy on their smartphones when the office is closed.”

Marion Thomas, Ancenis Tourism Office Director

“Innovative concept to finally discover the world according to MY desires.”

Google user

“To re-discover your neighborhood or town from a new angle! I recommend 100%.”

Google user

“Innovative and clever application. I recommend!”

Marie R.

“Top top top ! I love that application. Very handy to search by thematic!”


“You can fin plenty of informations on many different themes. Perfect for general culture ! I recommend.”



And you, what will you feel like discovering?

Péniche sur un cours d'eau pour illustrer la carte interactive du slow tourism en Loire Atlantique

Loire Atlantique Slow Tourism

“Accommodations, restaurants, activities… for a weekend or holiday, discover Loire Atlantique in slow mode.”

Map proposed by Loire Atlantique Développement

Deux femmes souriantes se promenant à vélo à Saint Brevin pour illustrer la carte interactive des balades à vélo à Saint Brevin

Cycling in St Brevin

“Nothing is better than a bike ride to discover the amazing territory of Sud Estuaire.”

Map proposed by St Brevin Tourism Office

Drapeau breton pour illustrer la carte interactive de la culture bretonne

Breton culture

“Find places linked to Breton culture across France and worldwide.”

Map proposed by ACB44

Queue de baleine émergeant de l'eau pour illustrer la carte interactive des lieux où observer des baleines dans les monde

Where to see whales?

“Find places to observe whales and the best times in the year.”

Map proposed by SumWhere

Logo de l'association La Muse

La MUSE, local currency

“La MUSE is an alternative local currency with an ecological and social aim, for the population to reclaim currency as a medium of exchange.”

Map proposed by La MUSE

Logo représentant un défibrillateur

Heart defibrillators

“A practical map that can save lives. Data come from governmental sources.”

Map proposed by SumWhere