Touchscreen terminal

The SumWhere interactive terminal or screen allows audience to view recommendations on a territory in an extremely visual and personalized way thanks to thematic maps.
The content is easily transferable to digital tools that can be used while in mobility.

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Borne tactile

Software in web format, no specific equipment required

Ecran d'attente de la borne

A simple and elegant tool

Dress up your screens with an attractive gateway in the image of your territory or your world.

Provide multiple languages if your content is multi-lingual.

Easily use as many screens as you want, of any type: terminal, wall screen, tablet.

Ecran d'accueil de la borne avec des cartes thématiques

All personalities, all needs

Display your recommendations of places and activities through thematic maps for a very clear, practical and personalized perception, and for an easy use of content in other types of media: digital stay concierge, digital notebook, digital concierge for accomodation.

Integrate content from different sources (databases and/or Excel files and/or by hand) for all themes, all needs, all communities, all events.

Prioritize your content if needed thanks to an architecture of maps in folders.

Let database content update automatically and update other content live, choosing which maps to display at each moment.

Ecran de la borne avec une carte

Maps to live

Gather in each map all the places and routes that are related for quick access to all the useful information (example of ‘bike’ with the routes, accommodation, rental companies, repair shops, .. .).

Make your maps fully legible with pinpoints diplaying different colors depending on their type.

Provide access to textual information, photos and videos for each location.

Allow places to be filtered according to characteristics to be defined.

If necessary, arrange the places in the form of an itinerary.

Ecran de la borne avec des documents

All useful information

Give access to documents, photos, videos and webcams in directly accessible sections: brochures, tips, etc. Documents can be files or Calameo links.

Also display the weather forecast.


Office de tourisme de St Brevin (44)

Office de tourisme de St Brevin (44)

Office de tourisme de Pornic (44)

Office de tourisme de Pornic (44)
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