Cycle route, Hiking trail

Make touring smooth, rich and personalized

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The SumWhere white label road book go with itinerants throughout the journey for a smooth, reassuring, personalized, rich and interactive experience. While involving the players from the territories along the route.

Cycle route, Hiking trail

Make touring smooth, rich and personalized

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Poteau indicateur avec des directions nombreuses et colorées

Make the experience simple and unforgettable

Easily set up a digital road book for a route or a set of routes, and duplicate it if needed for the different ways of doing it (on foot, by bike, etc.).

Make touring smooth with an easy-to-use tool in web app format, full-page maps, user geolocation, directions to places, useful content easily accessible, weather forecast, etc.

Thanks to thematic maps, give access to ever more information (practical data, safety, sustainable approach, tourism, economic development, etc.) without losing readability, and make useful information directly accessible (in the rain, etc.).

Also make the experience fully personalized by meeting ever more specific needs: vegan, with a dog, nationality X, etc.

Make the road book personal by possibly integrating an individual map of the route defined on your website, with the possibility of adding memories.

Marché en extérieur

Animate the route to boost recurrence

Capitalize on your axis of communication as they come by easily integrating thematic maps into the road book and in your website

Also include event maps: Heritage Days, tourist office agendas, etc.

Make people want to explore further or come back to the territories along the route by offering maps from the tourist organizations involved in the project.

Create and reference experiences along the route (picnics, tastings, discoveries of local artisans or producers, etc.) in collaboration with SumWhere and its partner.

Données numériques agencées pour représenter un visage

Collect valuable data

Aggregate data on the consultation of the thematic maps to better understand the needs of the itinerants and target your efforts.

Collect assessments on the places and activities displayed on the maps where you have authorized reviews. You can then manage the maintenance of public facilities effortlessly.

Also collect, if you wish, proposals for new places to complete and update some maps (picnic, etc.). You obviously can keep control of the additions.

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