Travel agencies, Tour operators, Receptive operators, Coach operators, Airlines

Accompany travelers to the end of the world

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The SumWhere white label digital travel book goes with your customers throughout their journey for a smooth, reassuring, personalized, rich and interactive experience. While saving you time.

Travel agencies, Tour operators, Receptive operators, Coach operators, Airlines

Accompany travelers to the end of the world

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Pages d'un carnet papier formant un coeur

Easily provide premium service

Provide an elegant digital travel book with your colors, with the attributes of an app without downloading and without the risk of incompatibility with some smartphones.

Simplify the stay with all the useful information directly accessible (general information, program, vouchers, emergency information, etc.), geolocation and the itinerary to places.

Take advantage of multiple thematic maps to meet all needs with great clarity:

  • program of the stay
  • focus on particular places (route in a city, etc.)
  • plans B (in case of rain,…)
  • practical places (ATM, gas stations, WC, etc.)
  • emergency places (hospitals, doctors speaking the traveler’s language, etc.), etc.

Allow travelers to record their memories on the visited places (or even on others that they add), and to transmit to their relatives the link of their stay map.

Personne regardant sa montre

Save time

Design attractive tools without any technical skills thanks to different types of modules to be integrated according to your needs: text and photos, map, weather forecast, document, etc. You have complete control over the tool architecture.

Make a travel book in a few minutes from standard notebooks to be duplicated and modified with the program, the main map and the vouchers.

Also create the main map in a few minutes from standard maps of your journeys and generic maps with accommodation, vegan restaurants, etc.

Send the travel book with a simple email when booking the trip.

If you wish, allow your future customers to prepare their trip on your website with one or more maps enabling to select their favorite places.

Empilement de pièces et de billets

Earn money

Save printing and mailing costs regarding the paper format.

Make your customers want to use your services again after a memorable and reassuring experience.

Also make your customers’ relatives envious, thanks to the sharing of the map and the possibility for them to follow the experience and project themselves.

Provide some of your expert maps to partner hotels, which can use them for their own customers in a digital concierge.

Enfant sautant en l'air

Gain in serenity

Provide all the useful information to the travelers for smooth journeys: emergency phone numbers, map with hospitals, doctors and embassy, local rules of life.

Update information and vouchers live, without your customers even noticing minor changes.

If you wish, create a private exchange channel to make any question or remark very easy. Messages arrive directly to your mailbox.

Collect if you wish quantified reviews on the experiences to better understand how you can improve and to communicate.

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